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Keeping students informed is key in transition to earlier academic drop deadline

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Syracuse is changing the drop deadline to comply with federal regulations.

Syracuse University will move its academic drop deadline up several weeks this spring to meet federal regulations it previously failed to comply with. While the university isn’t likely to face legal penalties regarding its noncompliance, the years-long lapse is worrisome considering the Office of the Registrar is tasked with keeping the academic record accurate and secure.

In the spring, the new academic drop deadline will be Feb. 6 to match the earlier financial drop deadline. In subsequent semesters, the academic deadline will continue to match the financial deadline.

By failing to comply with federal drop deadlines, SU may have made things a bit easier for students looking to get out of a class or take a leave of absence. The change may also inconvenience students who are accustomed to the later academic drop deadline, particularly upperclassmen who have taken advantage of the late drop deadline in years past.

Switching to an earlier drop deadline will take an adjustment period for everyone. But it shouldn’t upset students’ academic plans as long as SU administrators ensure the transition to an earlier drop deadline is as clear as possible.

Because not every student will check the academic calendar, university officials and advisers should publicize the deadline switch as much as needed with emails and other frequent reminders, especially during the spring semester.

After all, the Office of the Registrar is the heart of academic integrity at SU, and upholding this standard through compliance with federal standards is essential to the SU community — especially students.

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